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2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Hyundai Sonata

2016 Honda Accord LX 2016 Hyundai Sonata SE
2.4-litre, 4-cylinder Engine 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder
185 hp Horsepower 185 hp
Standard LED Taillights N/A (only available on higher trim levels)
Available Driver Assistance Features N/A (only available on higher trim levels)

2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Hyundai Sonata

Sporty mid-sized sedans are becoming increasingly popular due to their performance, premium features, and impressive fuel economy ratings. These vehicles are proof that you don't have to sacrifice efficiency for a more exciting ride. Two of the most popular vehicles in this category are easily the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata. Both are incredibly stylish and fit all of the standards drivers seeking a mid-sized sedan want.

Despite these similarities, these sedans are quite a bit different. The Honda Accord just went through a complete refresh for the 2016 model year, whereas the Hyundai Sonata last had a redesign for 2015. The Honda Accord's redesign is easily the most exciting aspect of the vehicle for the new model year, offering a sleeker, more sophisticated design inside and out. Apart from the design of each vehicle, there are a few other differences worth noting. To really get an idea about these differences, we need to take a closer look. We will compare the 2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Hyundai Sonata.

Key Differences Between the 2016 Honda Accord and 2016 Hyundai Sonata

2016 Honda Accord interior features and technology

When it comes to similarities, the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata both have almost the exact same performance specifications across the board. Their engines and horsepower ratings are the same and both also have incredibly high-fuel economy ratings for their class. Both the Accord and Sonata are also very stylish and offer a spacious cabin with room for 5 passengers. So, where do the Accord and Sonata differ?

The Honda Accord has a lot more availability of luxury features than the Hyundai Sonata. The Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance features is available on every trim of the Honda Accord, whereas driver assistance technology is only available on higher trims of the Hyundai Sonata. Other features like LED taillights and heated front seats are standard on every trim level of the Honda Accord, whereas they are once again only available or standard on higher trim levels of the Hyundai Sonata.

The 2016 Honda Accord and 2016 Hyundai Sonata are both incredibly similar vehicles, however the Accord ultimately offers the better value due to the availability of more premium features. The best way to truly know which vehicle is a good fit for you is to take each vehicle for a test drive. If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area, feel free to stop into Wheaton Honda and learn more about the benefits of the 2016 Honda Accord.

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