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2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda CR-V 2016 Honda Pilot
7.1 l/100km Highway Fuel Efficiency 8.7 l/100km
185 HP Horsepower 280 HP
37.2 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 18.5 cu. ft.
141.3 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 171.4 cu. ft.

2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Honda Pilot

Last year the Honda CR-V was refreshed in such a way that it was given the 2015 Motor Trend Sport/Utility of the Year award. This year, the Honda Pilot was completely remodeled from the ground up and bumper to bumper, taking on a completely new architecture and getting packed with outstanding new features and technologies. Both crossovers are incredible vehicles, each with their own advantages. With that in mind, we thought we’d compare the 2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Honda Pilot to highlight the differences between them, and show each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses.

Differences Between the 2016 Honda CR-V, Pilot

The table above shows four of the most important specifications when looking at a crossover vehicle of any size. We thought we’d start with the top row and work our way down, showing the differences between the two 2016 Honda vehicles and which areas each of them have advantages over the other. So for starters, the smaller crossover is able to deliver the superior fuel efficiency, operating on 1.6 l/100km less fuel when driving on the highway, which will save you quite a bit of gas.

But the mid-size Pilot fires back by delivering nearly 100 extra horsepower than the compact CR-V. Most of that is to account for the extra weight, both in the vehicle and from being able to carry more people inside. But either way, the Pilot is going to deliver a more enjoyable driving experience for anyone who likes the extra dose of power.

One might assume that the bigger vehicle would hands down offer more space, but that’s not quite the case. While the Pilot does offer an astounding 30.1 extra cubic feet of space in the cabin for passengers to stretch out and get comfortable in, that space is cutting into their standard cargo area. The CR-V doesn’t have to make that sacrifice, therefore making it able to offer nearly 20 extra cu. ft. of cargo capacity behind the rear seats.

So in the end, if you’re looking for a more efficient vehicle with plenty of space for cargo, then the 2016 Honda CR-V is the option for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more powerful vehicle with the ability to pack in several passengers and still have space for them to breathe, then the 2016 Honda Pilot is the choice for you. Either way your leaning, don’t hesitate to schedule a test drive right here on our website. You can also feel free to give us a call at the sales desk if any additional questions arise.


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