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2016 Honda CR-Z vs 2016 Hyundai Veloster

2016 Honda CR-Z 2016 Hyundai Veloster
6.5 l/100km City Fuel Efficiency 10.3 l/100km
6.0 l/100km Highway Fuel Efficiency 7.6 l/100km
130 HP Horsepower 164 HP
2,700 lbs. Curb Weight 3,325 lbs.

2016 Honda CR-Z vs 2016 Hyundai Veloster

2016 Honda CR-Z vs 2016 Hyundai Veloster

Since its inception for the 2011 model year, Honda’s sport hybrid coupe model has remained mostly unchanged aside from a few odd upgrades. For the current model year, it has undergone a few more of these enhancements, so we thought now would be the perfect time to see how it measures up to another popular model in its segment. While technically it is in a class of its own, we decided to compare the 2016 Honda CR-Z vs 2016 Hyundai Veloster, a compact sports car that is only missing the hybrid part of the CR-Z equation.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda CR-Z

One of the biggest critiques that the Honda CR-Z generally gets is that it isn’t quite powerful enough to be considered a sports car. While it might not offer the impressive power ratings of a Civic Type-R, it does have enough power to deliver the thrill of a sports car, and its unbelievable fuel economy more than makes up for where it lacks. In battle with the Hyundai Veloster, power is the area the CR-Z is obviously at a disadvantage, with 34 less horsepower. However, the fact that the little CR-Z weighs a whopping 625 lbs. less than its adversary definitely narrows that gap quite a bit.

In contrast, the Veloster is obviously at a disadvantage when it comes to fuel efficiency, as its non-hybrid powertrain can’t quite match the CR-Z. The 2016 Honda CR-Z offers an impressive 6.5 l/100km city, which is nearly 4 litres less than the Veloster, and 6.0 l/100km on the highway, a 1.6 l/100km advantage over the Hyundai compact. We thing that the somewhat lacking power is more than made up for by the outstanding efficiency and appealing sports car aesthetic.

If you are inclined to agree, then be sure to give us a call with any questions you might have. At this time we’re unsure when the model will be officially released, but will keep you updated on the Wheaton Honda blog. Keep checking back for more information, or fill out a form to sign up to receive info as it becomes available!


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