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2016 Honda CRV vs 2016 Ford Escape

2016 Honda CRV 2016 Ford Escape
8.8 City/6.9 Hwy Fuel Economy Rating (l/100km) 10.9 City/7.6 Hwy
6 Trim Levels 3
HondaLink Navigation/Infotainment System Ford SYNC
5 Seating 5

2016 Honda CRV vs 2016 Ford Escape

2016 Honda CRV vs 2016 Ford Escape

Crossover SUVs are not only in high demand, but have a lot demanded of them. The sporty styling and accents lure drivers in with their athletic appearance while mild off-road capability is typically a trait of SUV. And depending on how many passengers are riding in your vehicle on a regular basis, there are larger third row options. Here we have two five-seaters that have remained at the top of the SUV segment for quite a few years, the 2016 Honda CRV vs 2016 Ford Escape.

With the environment in mind, one of the greatest improvements to the newer crossovers is fuel economy; in fact, there are some vehicles that conserve fuel so well, their ratings are comparable to family sedans. The 2016 Honda CRV and 2016 Ford Escape both feature powerfully efficiencient, eco-friendly engines. The CRV’s 185-horsepower 2.4L Direct Injection 4-cylinder with continuously variable transmission takes the lead with its Earth Dreams Technology; meanwhile, Ford offers its slightly less efficient and powerful 4-cylinder EcoBoost engines to help save on gas. While on the topic of performance, the 2016 HR-V features Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System which is able to intuitively transfer torque to the rear wheels and better grip when driving conditions are poor due to weather or uneven terrain.

Key Differences Between the 2016 Honda CRV and 2016 Ford Escape

Because life is unpredictable, having a vehicle that is flexible enough to accommodate a fluctuating number of passengers, cargo items, and driving conditions isn’t something that should be taken for granted. Versatility begins with the CRV’s power tailgate and low cargo floor with wide open rear doors to help with loading items. The 60/40 split rear seatback is easy to maneuver and opens up to provide 2,000 litres of available space. The seats of the Ford Escape also split and fold 60/40, but with them in place, 971L of space is available for storage.

As for the interior layout, it was designed by the hand of luxury. The dual-zone automatic climate control allows front seat and backseat drivers to set their own level of comfort. For those of you who have a long commute ahead of you each day, the 10-way power adjustment smart driver’s seat includes lumbar support and even has seat position memory. And located before you and your co-pilot is the available 7” Display Audio System that features a touch-screen interface that resembles a tablet. Hondalink Next Generation and the display Audio System are compatible with your device and allows you to access a variety of entertainment apps and navigation.

Available at Drive Wheaton, we encourage any interested SUV-shoppers to stop by and test drive the new 2016 Honda CRV. This would be the ideal opportunity to see these features up close and personal while getting a feel for how the Honda CRV handles.

2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Ford Escape

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