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2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Honda Fit LX Hatchback 2016 Ford Fiesta S Hatchback
$14,730 Starting MSRP $15,399
130-hp, 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder Engine 120-hp, 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder
2,710 litres / 1,492 litres Passenger Volume / Max Cargo Volume 2,410 litres / 720 litres
7.0 city / 5.7 highway (with automatic CVT) Fuel Economy (L/100 km)* 8.7 city / 6.4 highway (with automatic transmission)

2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Ford Fiesta

If you're looking for a versatile vehicle with high fuel efficiency, a compact hatchback is a great option. These vehicles are particularly popular with drivers who commute or live in a city. When it comes to hatchbacks, the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta are two of the leading models in their class. If you are someone who is trying to choose between these two vehicles, it can be a tough decision to make.

While both the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta are great hatchbacks, there are some key differences that should be noted. Here at Wheaton Honda, we like to help people with the research process when trying to choose a new car. We will go over some of the most important specifications of these vehicles to give you a better idea of which vehicle may be a better fit for you. Read on for a comparison of the 2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Ford Fiesta.

Key Differences Between the 2016 Honda Fit and 2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Honda Fit interior steering wheel and features

Even though the 2016 Honda Fit and 2016 Ford Fiesta are quite similar in a lot of areas, their differences are where the Fit truly shines. The Fit not only has a little higher horsepower than the Fiesta, but it also has a lot more versatile interior space. There is both more passenger space and cargo space in the Honda Fit than in the Ford Fiesta. Another area the Honda Fit excels is in value. Not only are the fuel economy ratings higher in the Honda Fit than in the Ford Fiesta, but the starting MSRP is also lower. When it comes down to it, the 2016 Honda Fit has more value than the 2016 Ford Fiesta, ultimately making it the better buy.

If you are in search of a hatchback vehicle, you should consider the 2016 Honda Fit. This incredible hatchback is available right here at Wheaton Honda in Edmonton, Alberta. To find out more about the Honda Fit, stop into our dealership and talk with our sales team. If you are interested in the Fit, you can take it for a test drive and find out how it handles on the road. Come find out if the 2016 Honda Fit is the right vehicle for you.

*Estimated fuel economy based on Government of Canada’s 5-cycle testing method. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors – use for comparison only.


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