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2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Hyundai Accent

2016 Honda Fit 2016 Hyundai Accent
6.4 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 7.5 l/100km
130 HP Horsepower 137 HP
52.7 cu. ft. Max Cargo Capacity 47.5 cu. ft.
112.3 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 111.3 cu. ft.

2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Hyundai Accent

2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Hyundai Accent

The Honda Fit is often overshadowed by some of its more popular sibling vehicles, but while it might not be as well-known as the Civic or Accord is offers plenty of great specifications and features to make it one of the best options in its segment. So if you’re looking for a subcompact hatchback, in our opinion there are few choices better than the Fit. To prove this point, we decided to compare the 2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Hyundai Accent, one of its biggest segment rivals.

Before even diving into the specifications it’s clear that the Fit might be a better choice, as it just went through a facelift in 2015 and the Accent has remained largely the same since 2010. But let’s see how they fare against one another in the most important subcompact hatchback specs.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Fit

Glancing at the table above, the Honda Fit pulls out in front right away by utilizing 1.1 l/100km less fuel than the Hyundai Accent, thus saving you quite a bit of pocket change at the gas station. The Hyundai Accent fires back pretty quick though, as it offers an extra 7 horsepower. But while taking more than a litre less fuel to travel the same distance is a pretty nice advantage, 7 extra hp isn’t exactly a noticeable advantage on the road.

But fuel efficiency isn’t the only specification that the Honda Fit has a leg up in on the Hyundai Accent. Moving down the table, it also offers more maximum cargo capacity. With the back seats folded flat, it offers an extra 5.2 cu. ft. of space to fill with luggage or whatever you might need to bring along, as long as you don’t need passengers in the back. If you do have every seat filled, then you’ll have an extra cubic foot of space for you and your passengers to stretch out and get comfortable in.

If you think the more efficient, more spacious 2016 Honda Fit is the perfect subcompact hatchback for you, be sure to schedule a test drive right here on our website. Or, if any questions happen to arise, feel free to give us a call right here at the sales desk.


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