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2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Mazda3

2016 Honda Fit 2016 Mazda3
8.1 l/100km City Fuel Economy 8.1 l/100km
130 HP Horsepower 155 HP
2,513 lbs. Curb Weight 2,865 lbs.
52.7 cu. ft. Max Cargo Capacity 47.1 cu. ft.

2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Mazda3

2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Mazda3

In the last model year, which was of course 2015, the subcompact Honda Fit was completely overhauled and reintroduced to the market. It was a marvelous new version of the popular model, but it got someone overshadowed by the Honda CR-V winning a Motor Trend award. We thought we’d refresh your memory on the vehicle by comparing it to one of its biggest competitors, showcasing the advantages that it has over its segment rivals. With that in mind, we pit the 2016 Honda Fit vs 2016 Mazda3.

The Mazda3 was recently overhauled as well, but one year earlier than the Fit. Both vehicles are nearly as new though, which makes them pretty comparable to one another. But a better way to tell is by looking at the specifications of each which is what we’ve showcased in the table above.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Fit

As you can tell by glancing at the table above, the Honda Fit and Mazda3 are quite comparable to one another. Right off the bat, the two vehicles offer the exact same city fuel economy, proving just how similar they are. Unfortunately the next spec goes to the Mazda3, which offers 25 extra horsepower. But then the Honda Fit fires back as it weighs over 350 lbs. less than its competitor, thus evening out the power difference quite a bit.

The last specification is a pretty sizable advantage for the Honda Fit as well, as it offers an extra 5.6 cu. ft. of maximum cargo capacity. In a subcompact hatchback, it’s nice to have as much space as you can get because the vehicle is already pretty small. That’s why this advantage is so important. If you’d prefer to have a bit of extra power, then the Mazda3 might be the better choice. But if you’re okay with lacking a bit there, then lighter, more spacious Honda Fit – which is packed full of outstanding safety features, much like every Honda vehicle – might be the perfect choice for you.

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