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2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Chevy Suburban

2016 Honda Odyssey 2016 Chevy Suburban
148.5 cu. ft. Max Cargo Capacity 121.7 cu. ft.
211.0 cu. ft. Passenger Volume 122.4 cu. t.
10.0 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 12.1 l/100km
4,396 lbs. Curb Weight 5,587 lbs.

2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Chevy Suburban

2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Chevy Suburban

We’ve said many times that minivans aren’t as popular as they once were, but we believe they’re on the cusp of a comeback. Few vehicles are as efficient at transporting people in a way that is both comfortable and entertaining, and we thought we’d prove it by comparing the Honda Odyssey to one of its biggest competitors outside of its segment. With that in mind, we decided to pit the 2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Chevy Suburban, a full-size sport utility vehicle known for being able to transport several people in a similar fashion to minivans.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Odyssey

As you can tell by looking at the table above, the Honda Odyssey has quite a few advantages over the Chevy Suburban. As we mentioned, the two vehicles do not belong to the same segment, but they both have similar goals in mind – moving a bunch of people, while still offering quite a bit of cargo space. Perhaps some will be surprised, but the minivan does both of these things better in this case.

Starting from the top of the table, this fact becomes quite clear. With all back seats folded flat, the Chevy Suburban delivers a pretty impressive 121.7 cubic feet of space to fill with whatever you need. But as impressive as that number is, the Honda Odyssey trumps it by 26.8 cu. ft., offering even more space for your stuff. As for people, the Odyssey once again blows the Suburban out of the water, by delivering 211.0 cu. ft. – a whopping 78.6 cu. ft. more than the Suburban.

Space is not the only area in which the Odyssey trumps the Suburban, however. It also utilizes 2.1 litres less fuel every 100 kilometres it’s driven, which is going to save you quite a bit of money. And while it only offers 248 horsepower, 107 HP less than the Suburban, it does weigh 1,191 lbs. less than the Suburban, meaning it needs less power to do the same sort of things.

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