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2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Toyota Sienna

2016 Honda Odyssey 2016 Toyota Sienna
12.4 l/100km City Fuel Economy 13.0 l/100km
8.4 l/100km Highway Fuel Economy 9.4 l/100km
38.4 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 39.1 cu. ft.
5 Stars IIHS Ratings 4 Stars

2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Toyota Sienna

2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Toyota Sienna

Minivans have been around for a long time, but lately the segment has been on the decline. With the emergence of crossover utility vehicles and their immense increase in popularity, the need for minivans has severely dropped. But if you’re willing and able to overlook the negative stigma that has arisen in vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, then you just might get one of the most efficient and safe vehicles available to you and your family. We thought we’d take a closer look at two of the best remaining minivans on the market by comparing the 2016 Honda Odyssey vs 2016 Toyota Sienna.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Odyssey

Taking a look at the table above, it becomes clear to see that both minivans are quite comparable to one another. Yet even still – in most areas – the 2016 Honda Odyssey trumps its Toyota rival to some degree. Let’s start at the top of the table with city fuel economy. The Odyssey utilizes 0.6 l/100km less than the Sienna, which uses an even 13.0 l/100km, thus saving you a big of cash at the gas pump. Even more than that, in terms of highway economy the Odyssey has an even bigger advantage in the way of a full litre less per 100 kilometres.

Generally another area that the Odyssey defeats its competition is in terms of cargo capacity, offering a massive 38.4 cu. ft. behind the last seat. Unfortunately here, the Sienna actually offers a bit more in the way of 0.7 cu. ft. It’s not a huge disadvantage, but it is there. Fortunately for Honda, the Odyssey makes up that slight lack in terms of safety. Thanks to tons of great safety features including the enhanced ACE body structure, the United States’ IIHS gave the Odyssey a 5-star rating while only giving the Sienna 4 stars in overall safety.

If you’re interested in trying out a 2016 Honda Odyssey of your own, be sure to give the Wheaton Honda sales team a call or schedule a test drive right here on our website. We can’t wait to help you into the driver’s seat of your perfect vehicle!


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