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2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Chevy Traverse

2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Chevy Traverse
12.4 l/100km City Fuel Efficiency 15.7 l/100km
8.7 l/100km Highway Fuel Efficiency 10.7 l/100km
280 HP Horsepower 281 HP
4,054 lbs. Curb Weight 4,713 lbs.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Chevy Traverse

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Chevy Traverse

The Honda Pilot has been a popular vehicle for years, but recently it began to lose traction because of its unique appearance. Sometimes being unique is great, other times you’re just a little too different, but Honda remedied the situation in quick fashion by completely remodeling the Honda Pilot right down to its very architecture. The result is the most stylish Honda Pilot we’ve seen yet, and we wanted to see how it measures up to one of its biggest competitors. With that in mind, we decided to compare the 2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Chevy Traverse.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Pilot

The table above shows just how dominant the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot truly is, as its superior in four of the biggest categories we generally look at. Let’s start from the top with city fuel economy, which represents how efficient the crossover is when it drives through city streets like those right here in Edmonton. It isn’t just more efficient; it utilizes a whole 3.4 litres less fuel every 100 kilometres driven. Combined with the 2 l/100km advantage that it has in highway fuel efficiency, you’re going to save a ton of money at the tank over time.

The third row makes it look like the Traverse fires back with a nice advantage of its own, but in actuality one horsepower wouldn’t even be register as a difference if you drove each back to back. However, as you can tell with the last row of the table, the Pilot weighs nearly 700 pounds less than its competitor, which means it needs less power to do the same thing, and thus the power advantage actually goes to the 2016 Honda Pilot.

If you think that the 2016 Honda Pilot might be the right vehicle for you, be sure to schedule a test drive right here on our website. We’d also be happy to schedule over the phone, or answer any questions that you might have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if need be.


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