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2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Dodge Durango

2016 Honda Pilot 2016 Dodge Durango
10.2 l/100km Compare 10.2 l/100km
18.5 cu. ft. Compare 17.2 cu. ft.
109.2 cu. ft. Compare 84.5 cu. ft.
4,054 lbs. Compare 4,756 lbs.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Dodge Durango

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Dodge Durango

While the Honda Pilot has been a popular option in its segment since it was introduced, its recent overhaul made it even more appealing to buyers in the area. Now it offers the total package, delivering in several important aspects like efficiency, space and even style. We thought we’d see how it measures up against one of its biggest competitors, by comparing the 2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Dodge Durango.

Advantages of the 2016 Honda Pilot

The table above depicts some of the most important specifications in midsize crossovers like these two, and as you can tell the Pilot and Durango are quite comparable to one another. Right off the bat, the two vehicles offer an exact similarity, as both achieve a combined fuel efficiency of 10.2 litres every 100 kilometres. However, the Honda Pilot does pick things up from there, deliver a few increasingly superior specifications where it counts.

For instance, the next row in the table shows that the Honda Pilot offers an extra 1.3 cubic feet of space to fill with whatever cargo you might need behind the back row of seats. 1.3 cu. ft. isn’t a huge advantage, but it’s still a nice edge to have. It gets even more impressive, however, when you see that with all of the back seats folded flat the Pilot offers an extra 24.7 cu. ft.

The Dodge Durango does fire back in an area not detailed in the table above, as it offers 13 horsepower more than the Honda Pilot. Unfortunately for Dodge, that advantage is severely crippled by the last row in our table, which shows that the Honda Pilot weighs 702 lbs. less than the Durango. Less overall weight means less power necessary to get it moving, thus those 13 horses don’t look quite as impressive.

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