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2017 Honda Accord Coupe vs 2017 Toyota Corolla

2017 Honda Accord Coupe 2017 Toyota Corolla
185 HP Horsepower 132 HP
182 lb-ft. Torque 128 lb-ft.
7.8 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 7.5 l/100km
13.7 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 13.0 cu. ft.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe vs 2017 Toyota Corolla

2017 Honda Accord Coupe vs 2017 Toyota Corolla

The Honda Accord has been turning heads for decades, but after the huge makeover it underwent for the 2016 model year, it’s turning even more. Sportier and more stylish than ever, all three of its models are perfect options for any driver. But today, we wanted to compare its 2-door model to one of its big time competitors, so we decided to pit the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe vs 2017 Toyota Corolla.

While the Corolla is a 4-door compact, and the Accord Coupe is a 2-door midsize, the smaller size of the Coupe makes it a more appropriate competitor for the Corolla while the Accord Sedan would be a direct competitor with the Camry. Neither the Camry nor Corolla have 2-door coupe models.

Advantages of the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe

As you can tell by the table above, the Accord Coupe has quite a few advantages over the Corolla. Obviously the larger Accord Coupe is going to have some advantages in terms of space, although if you look at the bottom row of the table, its trunk isn’t actually all that much larger than the Corolla’s. But there other reasons to choose the Accord Coupe over the Corolla, and we thought we’d start at the top of the table.

With the first two rows of the table we take a look at the two vehicles’ power ratings. In terms of horsepower, the Accord Coupe delivers an extra 53 hp, while in terms of torque it delivers an extra 53 pound-feet. As you can see with the third row, the Corolla does fire back with some improved combined fuel efficiency; however, its advantage is not quite as steep as we expected, as the Accord Coupe only gives up 0.3 l/100km.

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