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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid vs 2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 Toyota Prius
212 HP Horsepower 121 HP
232 lb-ft. Torque 120 lb-ft.
4.9 l/100km City Fuel Efficiency 4.4 l/100km
5.1 l/100km Highway Fuel Efficiency 4.6 l/100km

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid vs 2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid vs 2017 Toyota Prius

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true in the automotive industry. You can’t judge a vehicle by its appearance alone. Sure, a stylish or sporty look is great, but it’s what’s under the hood that really sets one apart from the other. And it’s only after looking to see what’s under the hood should you make your choice on which new vehicle to purchase.

What’s under the hood is becoming especially important in the crowded hybrid class. As fuel efficiency battles continue to be waged every model year, car companies are becoming increasingly reliant on offering additional features to set their hybrid apart from the one on the next lot. But sifting through those features can be a hassle. So we thought we’d help you out and compare two of the top hybrids on the market by pitting the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid vs the 2017 Toyota Prius.

Advantage: 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

Any discussion revolving around hybrids has to begin with fuel efficiency. It’s what the class is known for. But as you can see from the table above, using fuel efficiency alone to see which hybrid stands above the other can be a tricky task. Here, the 2017 Toyota Prius has a slight edge over the Accord Hybrid. And when we say slight, we mean it. The Prius uses only 0.5 less litres per 100km in the city and on the highway. That certainly doesn’t seal the deal against the Accord Hybrid.

That’s because of what the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is carrying under its hood. By offering 91 more horsepower and 112 more pound-feet of torque than the Prius, the Accord Hybrid makes sure your vehicle has what it takes to get the job done while still holding its own from a fuel efficiency standpoint.

Given that these two vehicles are so close in terms on fuel efficiency, you have to look elsewhere for your deciding factor. But you need look no further than the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid’s power advantage to see it’s the clear choice.


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