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Honda Earth Dreams Technology

Honda Earth Dreams Technology

As you shop for a Honda, you'll certainly come across the phrase "Earth Dreams Technology" on several occasions. While it might sound like marketing speak, understanding that phrase is the key to unraveling the excellence of Honda vehicles. At its core, Earth Dreams Technology is a set of technological advancements designed to enhance both power and fuel efficiency through advanced engineering.

While you'll often hear the phrase Earth Dreams when talking about engines, Earth Dreams Technology also impacts the transmission and electric motor, if there is one. In most Honda vehicles, the key Earth Dreams components are the gasoline engine capable of achieving high-level performance and efficiency and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

How Do Earth Dreams Engines Work?

Honda Earth Dreams Engine

While the engineering behind Honda Earth Dreams Engines is complex, it can be simplified down to enhancements of Honda's original VTEC technology. Those enhancements improve thermal efficiency and cut down on friction within the engine. Through those enhancements, Honda drivers continue to experience top-level power and fuel-economy, no matter which models they are driving. Many of these engines also feature direction injection technology, which further improves capabilities.

There are several classes of engines within the Earth Dreams engine family, with class-leading options engineered for vehicles in every key vehicle segment.

Drive a Honda With Earth Dreams Technology

With the 10th Generation Honda Civic on the way in the 2016 model year, the Earth Dreams engine range continues to grow with the new VTEC Turbo engines to come out of the Earth Dreams Technology powertrain series.

While the details behind what makes Earth Dreams engines great is interesting, all you need to know is they continue to lead the way in vehicle performance and fuel-efficiency throughout a number of automotive segments. Test drive a new Honda and experience the excellence of Earth Dreams Technology at Wheaton Honda.

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