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Honda Civic Canada's Best-Selling Car for 17th Consecutive Year

Once again, for the 17 straight year, the Honda Civic has earned the title of Canada’s best-selling car. With totals sales of 66,057 Honda Civic models sold in 2014, the Honda Civic outsold the competition by more than 15,000 vehicles. Perhaps more impressively, nearly each and every one of those Honda Civic models was built in Canada by Canadians at the Honda manufacturing facility in Alliston, Ontario. The 17 years of best-selling status speak to the popularity and quality of the Honda Civic, as its reliability makes Honda Civic owners into Honda Civic loyalists.

The Honda Civic’s abundant success in Canada has had an impact in other ways, as the Honda manufacturing facility in Ontario employs more than 4,000 associates. With 231 Honda dealers across Canada, the popularity of the Honda Civic has not only helped people get to work, but it also has helped create jobs in Canada.

Honda Civic Heritage in Canada

Honda Civic Sedan Interior Edmonton AB

The Honda Civic been Canada’s best-selling car for 17 consecutive years, but it’s long-lasting success dates back to 1973 when the car debuted in Canada. Since then, more than 3.8-million Honda Civics have been built at the Honda Manufacturing plant. Since it first touched down at dealerships, the 2015 Honda Civic called more than 1.8 million Canadian driveways and garages home.

All the years of success have led to the most impressive Honda Civic to date — the 2015 Honda Civic — which is currently available at Wheaton Honda in a number of trims and configurations.

Test Drive the Honda Civic in Edmonton, AB

While its reputation and popularity speak for itself, the 2015 Honda Civic would stand out from the crowd without its rich history. Powered by a 1.8-litre four-cylinder i-VTEC engine, the 2015 Honda Civic provides an exceptional blend of power and efficiency. That efficiency is further enhanced by an available ECON button that optimizes the Civic’s performance to achieve superior efficiency.

Additionally, an Eco Assist feature helps Honda Civic owners drive more efficiently with white, blue, and green bars that represent varying levels of driving. When the bars are green, drivers can be sure they are taking full advantage of the Civic’s capabilities. Get behind the wheel of the 2015 Honda Civic at Wheaton Honda and find out why the Honda Civic is Canada’s best-selling car for 17 years running.

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