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Free Engine Warranty Protection for the Life of Your Car

Everything we sell—from our full lineup of new Honda vehicles to our range of quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs—has been meticulously inspected and maintained before we hand you the keys. 

We're so confident in the integrity of our vehicles that we offer free lifetime engine warranty coverage on nearly every car we sell.

What You Need to Know

Free your mind from the worry of costly engine repairs and enjoy your vehicle for many years down the road. At Wheaton Honda in Edmonton, AB all we ask is that you take note and perform the regular maintenance outlined below.

  • The Free Lifetime Engine Program is available on all qualified vehicles purchased after May 6th, 2015.
  • Must be newer than the current model year, subtracting 9 years. January 1st indicates the switch to the next model year.
  • Vehicles sold with more than 160,000 km on the Policy Effective Date do not qualify.
  • Eligibility is established on the date it is sold from Wheaton Honda.

Engine: Cylinder Block (if damaged from within) and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine including: Cylinder Head(s); Pistons; Piston Rings; Connecting Rod/Bearings; Crankshaft; Crankshaft Main Bearings; OHC Carriers, Cover & Module; Camshaft; Camshaft Bearings; Cam Followers; Timing Chain or Belt; Timing Gears; Timing Chain Cover; Timing Chain Tensioners; Timing Chain/Belt Guides; Timing Belt Pulley; Engine Serpentine Belt Tensioner: Idler Pulley: Idler Pulley Bearings; Flywheel (excluding teeth); Rocker Arms; Rocker Shafts; Rocker Bearings; Cylinder Head Valves; Valve Seals; Valve Seats; Valve Lifters; Valve Springs; Valve Retainers; Push Rods; Water Pump; Oil Pump; Oil Pump Housing; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pan (excluding drain plug threads); Intake Manifold; Exhaust Manifold; Valve Covers; Engine Mounts; Diesel Fuel Injection Pump; Diesel Vacuum Pump; Seals and Gaskets.

  • You are required to have your vehicle's oil and filter changed every 6,000 km (or as recommended by the manufacturer in the owner's manual).
  • Have your tires rotated every 8,000 – 13,000 km.
  • All manufacturer-recommended maintenance (including the above) must be completed within 1,500 km of service guideline.
  • "Do-it-yourself' repairs and maintenance are not permitted.
  • Should you travel more than 500 km from home, you must complete one service visit to a licensed repair centre and submit a copy of the work order to Wheaton Honda's Service Department within 30 days of returning home.
  • Vehicles used for business travel by more than one operator.
  • Vehicles used for commercial activity, including but not restricted to, rental, taxis, limousines, towing, job site work, hauling, police or emergency services, delivery, driver training, snow removal, oil field work, road repair, and racing competition, etc.
  • Operating your vehicle in the following locations: off-road, logging roads, oil field routes, and any similar sites that don’t constitute publicly travelled thoroughfares, at the discretion of the Warranty Administrator. 
  • Vehicles with a GVWR over 13,500 lb. (6,125 kg).
  • Vehicles registered outside of Canada.
  • If the original warranty has been declared void by the manufacturer.
  • If your vehicle is deemed a total loss or write off.
  • If the odometer has been changed or altered. If the odometer was replaced for necessary service, it must be reported to the Administrator.
  • Vehicles with high performance engines like V12s or special edition "tuner" sub-brands like SVT, SRT, etc.
  • All exotics brands, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche.
  • Per Repair Visit – Our warranty liability for one service appointment shall not exceed the Canadian Black Book wholesale value of your car.
  • Aggregate – The total benefits paid out while the warranty coverage is in place shall not exceed $10,000, including taxes and fees.
  • Breakdown – The failure of a covered engine part is deemed a Breakdown when it can no longer perform the function(s) it was designed for.
  • Deductible – Indicates the first $200 plus GST and taxes you are required to pay per repair visit on warranty covered breakdowns. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event the repairs are performed at the Dealer or an Affiliated Dealership, the Deductible will be $0.
  • Used Vehicle – means any pre-owned vehicle within the current model year and the past 9 previous years, subject to mileage qualifications and meeting the inspection and reconditioning requirements set forth by Wheaton Honda.