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Used 4WD Vehicles Edmonton AB

Used 4WD Vehicles Edmonton AB

During Edmonton winters, 4WD is a commodity that is hard to do without. As snow and ice cover the roads, a vehicle with 4WD helps you drive through the elements with confidence. While front-wheel drive is great for summer driving to enhance efficiency, most Edmonton drivers prefer a 4WD option when snow starts to fall.

If you're looking to add a 4WD vehicle to help you through the challenging road conditions of winter, our selection of used 4WD vehicles in Edmonton AB includes a number of budget-friendly options. Whether you're looking for a crossover, SUV, or pickup truck, you'll find 4WD options in the Wheaton Honda pre-owned inventory.

4WD vs. All-Wheel Drive vs. 2WD Vehicles

Honda Ridgeline 4WD Edmonton AB

When you shop for used cars in Edmonton AB, you'll have the option to choose from three drive systems — 4WD, AWD and 2WD. While there are advantages to each, it's important you understand the key differences before purchasing a used 4WD vehicle in Edmonton AB.

4WD vehicles are the most flexible option, as they utilize front-wheel drive unless all-wheel drive is manually activated by the driver. Most often, 4WD vehicles are the best in heavy snow, because the manual activation allows the driver, not a computer, to determine when it is necessary.

Similarly, all-wheel drive vehicles are capable of sending power to all four wheels, but AWD systems rely on electronic sensors to determine which wheels most need power.

Pre-Owned 4WD Vehicles Edmonton AB

No vehicles on the road are more capable of conquering what Edmonton winters throw their way than those equipped with 4WD. Drive with confidence in winter and efficiency in summer with a pre-owned 4WD vehicle in Edmonton AB.

View our inventory and schedule a test drive in a few durable used SUVs from Wheaton Honda.

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