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2013 Honda Accord Touring V6 Review

2013 Honda Accord Touring V6 Review

Honda has made much ado about this new Accord. It's all new, inside and out.

I test-drove two new Accords briefly at AJAC's Test Fest - one was a 4-cylinder sedan, and one was a V-6 coupe. Both impressed me, but I was excited to try this one out - because I thought this would be the model and trim I'd purchase for my family if I was in the market.


The Accord starts at CDN $23,990. I had the Touring trim, which comes with every box checked off and doesn't have any options available other than the engine choice. I was blessed with the V-6 (the top of the line car then) and the price, as tested, is CDN $36,930. (more…)

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