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Make more space appear in your subcompact with Honda Magic Seats


Make more space appear in your subcompact with Honda Magic Seats

How do Honda Magic Seats work?

Okay, so you don’t believe in magic, because, well, you’re an adult. But you have to admit, there is some level of fascination surrounding magicians and the way they make you believe the unbelievable. Often times, they leave you asking, “How did they do that?” When you see what the Honda Magic Seats can do, you might have a similar reaction. As a subcompact car not known for abundant space, the 2015 Honda Fit makes the most out of every centimeter with its cleverly designed seats that allow you to increase max cargo up to 470 litres. To help prospective buyers get an idea of just how magical the Honda Fit’s seats are, we set out to answer the question “How do Honda Magic Seats work?

Honda Magic seats can be configured in four unique ways — utility mode, long mode, tall mode and refresh mode — each of which is tailored to the different shapes and sizes of your cargo.

Honda Fit Magic Seats Utility Mode

Utility Mode

Just like any other car with 60/40 split folding seats, utility mode opens the entire area behind the front seats for maximum cargo space. With the rear seats folded, the 2015 Honda Fit opens up to 470 litres of cargo space.


Long Mode

Honda Fit Long ModeWhen you're hauling your skis, snowboard or other lengthy gear, long mode will accommodate your needs. Fold the right side of the rear seat and the passenger seat forward, and you’ll have the entire length of your Fit available for cargo.


Tall Mode

Honda Fit  Magic SeatsTall ModeTall mode is where the Honda Magic Seats truly shine. When you have tall items that need to remain upright, you can fold the bottom of the seat up toward the backrest, creating more than 1.2 metres of space from top to bottom.


Refresh Mode

Honda Fit Relax ModeOn a long road trip when co-pilots needs to their legs or when you need a quick nap in your Honda Fit, refresh mode is the answer. Take a seat in the rear passenger-side seat, remove the headrest, and fold the front seat backward to create a footrest. Ahhh, that’s the stuff.

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