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5 Luxury Features Available in the 2015 Honda Fit


5 Luxury Features Available in the 2015 Honda Fit

As a subcompact car, the Honda Fit is known for its affordability, efficiency, and convenient size, but it also falls victim to certain subcompact stereotypes. Years ago, subcompact cars didn't offer top-of-the-line features and amenities, but the segment has evolved and models like the 2015 Honda Fit now offer a number of luxuries that might surprise you. To give you a better ideas as to some of the best available amenities, we'll highlighted 5 luxury features available in the 2015 Honda Fit.

Push Button Start

Honda Fit Push Button Start Edmonton ABTurning a key in the ignition to start the car is so five years ago. With available push-button start, the Honda Fit doesn't require you to take your keys out of your pocket. While it's a small convenience, it adds to the overall look and character of the interior.

Leather Trimmed Interior

Leather trim speaks for itself in terms of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Visit Wheaton Honda and take a seat and you'll quickly realize that the 2015 Fit is not like your traditional subcompact car.

Heated Seats

Those leather trimmed seats are even better when trying to escape the cold of winter, as the built-in heaters will quickly provide the heat you need when temperatures plummet. With two heat settings for both front seats, the Honda Fit will help you stay warm in the cold Edmonton winters.

One-Touch Power Moonroof

Honda Fit MoonroofWith the touch of a button, you can completely change the environment in the 2015 Honda Fit. With a sliding sunshade, you can block the sun or completely open the moonroof to have an open-air experience perfect for Canadian summers.

7-Inch Display

The 7-inch display audio system is the centerpiece of the interior and where drivers and passenger can control audio, HondaLink, and other vehicle functions with just a few taps. With intuitive smartphone and tablet controls, such as swiping and pinching, you'll have no problem operating the touchscreen.

Although the Honda Fit is the most affordable car in the Honda lineup, it doesn't sell drivers short on available features and amenities. Look for similar features in the 2016 Honda HR-V when it goes on sale later in the year.

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