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Meetin' Go Wednesdays - Service Receptionist Edition!


Meetin' Go Wednesdays - Service Receptionist Edition!

Welcome to Meetin' Go Wednesdays — a new weekly feature where we'll give you a glimpse into the lives of the friendly folks who make our dealership a special place to buy a car! Each Wednesday, we'll profile Wheaton Honda staff members so you can get to know the nice people at Wheaton Honda a little bit better.

In our first Meetin' Go Wednesdays feature, we'd like you to meet our wonderful Service Receptionists, who may have greeted you at one of your recent service appointments.

From left to right in the photo above, we're pleased to introduce Linda, Kayleigh, Dannelle, and Sophia!

We asked these ladies a few questions about their jobs, hobbies, and interests to give you a better understanding for their roles at Wheaton Honda and also their lives outside of the dealership.


When did you begin working at Wheaton Honda?

Linda: November 2013

Kayleigh: October 2014

Dannelle: November 2014

Sophia: February 2015


What made you want to work at Wheaton Honda?

Linda: Recommendation from Owen Forster. He said this place was like family and he thought I would fit in.

Kayleigh: I had only heard fantastic stories from this dealership and I wanted to be a part of the great people that work here.

Dannelle: I worked for Millwoods Honda and enjoyed the people.


What is your favourite part of working at Wheaton Honda?

Linda: Teamwork and the challenge of delivering customer service that I would like to receive when I am the customer.

Kayleigh: The staff that I work with is beyond amazing. It's never a dull moment, everyone always has a smile on their face, and helps you as much as they can.

Dannelle: The staff and atmosphere.

Sophia: The fun, friendly environment.


What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Linda: Yoga and long walks in the river valley.

ingredientsKayleigh: I love to cook and try out multiple different recipes. I also love to bake, because everyone loves something sweet once in a while. I am very creative so I love to take something simplistic and turn it into something beautiful. Travelling is also my favourite, all the different food, delicious.

Dannelle: Spending time with family.

Sophia: Movies and festivals.


Which Honda vehicle would you recommend to potential buyers, and why?

Linda: It would depend on their specific needs. We have something to suit almost anyone.

Kayleigh: I would recommend a 2015 Accord. Due to its spacious seating and high quality interior, it makes it such a luxury vehicle to drive.

Dannelle: Honda HR-V because it's new and very cute.

Sophia: 2016 Honda HR-V.


What is your favourite vehicle of all time?

Linda: The new HR-V is what I have been looking for; compact, good styling, ample cargo space, AWD and it's affordable.

Kayleigh: I love the Nissan 370Z coupe in a crisp white colour, 2014.

Dannelle: Dodge Charger.

Sophia: 1966 Mustang


There you have it. A team of auto enthusiasts, master chefs and movie buffs who come to work each and every day focused on giving you the best experience possible. So next time you have a service appointment, you can feel a little more comfortable knowing one of these wonderful women are waiting to greet you!

Wheaton Honda Service Reception Department

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