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Where can you get a fresh-cut Christmas tree this year?

Where can you get a fresh-cut Christmas tree this year?

2016 Christmas Trees Edmonton AB

With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, and Remembrance Day coming up on Monday, can you believe it’s already time to start looking forward to Christmas? Just a little over a month away, you might already be thinking about where you’re going to find your Christmas tree for the 2016 holiday. Well here in Edmonton, there are plenty of great choices to purchase a real, fresh-cut tree. We’ve got two choices in particular that we think will make great locations for you to peruse.

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Creekside Home and Garden

Located at 215 St. and 23 Ave. NW, Creekside Home and Garden is an excellent place to not just find fresh cut Christmas trees, but a wide array of holiday-style plants. You can find brilliant poinsettias, fresh cedar, spruce and pine coughs, plus garlands, wreaths and swags, all in addition to the huge selection of Christmas trees. Offering Douglas Fir, Grand Fir and Fraser Fir trees from a range of 5-10’ tall, Creekside is definitely a place to check out this holiday season. You might already be able to find some of the holiday plants ready for purchase, but check back in mid-November to find a fully-stocked green house.

Fir Ever Green Tree Farm

Another excellent choice, where you can actually get out and cut your own tree down, is the Fir Ever Green Tree Farm located at R.R#1 in Falun, Alberta – which is roughly an hour’s drive. They have a wide selection of live, handmade wreaths, offer Christmas sleigh rides, and of course have a huge selection of u-cut Christmas trees. Here you can find Balsam Fir, White Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce and naturally-grown Pine trees. Plus, they offer a wide selection of firewood, tree stands and other handmade holiday novelties.

Whichever farm you choose, whether it be one of these or a location we didn’t list here, we hope you find the perfect Christmas tree for your home and enjoy the whole holiday season.

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