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2016 Honda Civic North American Car of the Year


2016 Honda Civic North American Car of the Year

Earlier this month, we addressed the highly anticipated arrival of the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe in Canada. This has been a chart-topping sedan year after year, and popular favorite throughout the Edmonton-area for families and single households alike. All of its improvements over the years and customer satisfaction ratings have have driven the Civic to the top, and we are now proud to announce that the 2016 Honda Civic is North American Car of the Year.

About the NACOTY Award

This isn’t the first time that the Honda Civic has earned this award; exactly a decade ago, the 2006 Civic was the winner. The Civic has always been a main staple within the Honda lineup, and its all-new, ground-up redesign was not only developed in North America, but built here too.
The NACOTY award is a unique one to bestow because it is given by a group of 53 international automotive journalists from the United States and Canada. Each year the NACOTY award is presented at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit where the 2017 Ridgeline pickup truck was just unveiled. (The last Honda Ridgeline that went into production was back in 2014.)

honda civic earns NACOTY awardWhat’s New About the 2016 Honda Civic

  • Redesigned sporty exterior styling and premium interior
  • Quieter, more spacious interior
  • Two new advanced engines
  • Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto technology

The 2016 Honda Civic sedan is available here at Drive Go, which we highly encourage any area car-shoppers to come and see in person. The Civic coupe has not yet flown the coup, but as soon as it becomes available, we will be sure to let you know immediately! This is a great start to the new year for the Civic, but stay tuned for more Honda news soon to come!

Guaranteed your daily drive isn’t nearly this intense or exocitic, but a little imagination can take a vehicle a long way. Check out the 2016 Civic in action below!

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