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How versatile & spacious is the Pilot?

How versatile & spacious is the Pilot?

2016 Honda Pilot Versatility & Space

When it comes to versatile utility, you can’t get much more of it than with a vehicle belonging to the midsize crossover segment. Drivers looking for the perfect versatile utility vehicle should look no further than the Honda Pilot. We thought we’d take a look at versatility & space in the 2016 Honda Pilot to give you an even better idea of just how great an option it is in the midsize segment.

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Space Specifications

The 2016 Honda Pilot is a midsize crossover with 3 rows of passenger seating, and 152.9 cu. ft. of space for those passengers to stretch out and get comfortable in. That’s a ton of space, especially good for road trips with children, who generally don’t like to be confined in tight spaces. As for cargo capacity, there is a dedicated cargo hold that’s able to accommodate up to 18.5 cubic feet of your stuff. If you're going to be carting around more cargo than people, you’ll be happy to know you can drop both the third and second row seats flat to accommodate even more of your stuff. Behind the 2nd row is 55.9 cu. ft. and behind the 1st row is 109.0 cu. ft.

Versatility Features

There are plenty of features in the 2016 Honda Pilot that enhance the crossover’s versatile utility as well. For instance, the one-touch 2nd row seats make it easier for passengers to access the back, as they move forward automatically with just the touch of a button. Both the 2nd and 3rd row seats are 60/40 splitting, making it easier to configure the vehicle however you need to accommodate the amount and shape of cargo that you need.

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If these specs & features relating to versatility and space have you interested in a 2016 Honda Pilot, be sure to schedule a test drive right here on our website. You can also feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have at the sales desk.

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