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Why wait for a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid?

Why wait for a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid?

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Specs & Features

Just a few days ago we were able to announce the upcoming, refreshed 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. It’s the second completely-unveiled vehicle for the 2017 model year, not counting the Civic Hatchback which we’ve only seen the prototype for. We gave a brief overview of what’s happening to the Accord Hybrid, but we want to dive in a little deeper by analyzing the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid specs & features, in order to tell you exactly what’s new in the vehicle.

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[wrc_column grid="2" width="1" type="start"]Blue 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Exterior Front End[/wrc_column][wrc_column grid="2" width="1" type="end"]Blue 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior Instrument Panel[/wrc_column]

What’s new in the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid?

As we mentioned earlier this week, the most substantial update to the 2017 Accord Hybrid is its second-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain. These two electric motors are paired up with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine to not only offer the best efficiency in the class, but also the most power, with 4.9 l/100km city, 5.1 l/100km highway and 212 horsepower. We also mentioned that the new Accord Hybrid will undergo all of the cosmetic enhancements that the Sedan and Coupe underwent for the 2016 model year, and that the hybrid powertrain will operate in three different modes.

But we didn’t dive into what those modes really are, or what they do, which is what we want to do here. Thanks to these three modes, a traditional transmission system isn’t even necessary. The 2017 Accord Hybrid will transition between all three operating modes seamlessly on its own, and those modes are EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

EV Drive utilizes the electric propulsion motor and battery pack to send power to the front wheels. EV Drive is only for short distances with light loads, so if you’re driving yourself to work and back it would be perfect. Hybrid Drive utilizes the electric propulsion motor to power the front wheels again, but it also uses the gasoline engine to power the second motor, thus supplementing electric energy. Finally, Engine Drive basically makes the vehicle a standard gas-powered car, using a lock-up clutch mechanism to tether the engine and motor together, thus powering the front wheels.

The Accord Hybrid will of course receive other minor updates, like the inclusion of the next-generation ACE body structure and full Honda Sensing safety suite among others. We can’t wait until the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid arrives here in late spring, and we’ll keep you updated with any more information that becomes available.

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