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The New Honda Accord Arrives at Wheaton Honda

The New Honda Accord Arrives at Wheaton Honda

2017 Honda Accord Sedan & Coupe Edmonton Arrival Date

Just a few short days after announcing that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline finally arrived right here at Wheaton Honda, we’ve received a couple more vehicles we’ve been anticipating for months, as the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan & Coupe Edmonton arrival date has finally come. With over 20 different 2017 Accord Sedan and 2017 Accord Coupe models now available, all you have to decide is whether a sedan or coupe makes a better match for you.

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“Accord continues to set the bar in its class,” stated the Honda Division Vice President, Jeff Conrad. “We’re proud to offer an expanded lineup with the … 2017 Accord Hybrid as we continue to advance Accord’s position as a true benchmark in its class, offering an unbeatable combination of style, efficiency, fun-to-drive performance and connectivity in the midsize sedan segment.”

Neither of these new 2017 Accord models have received much in the way of updates, considering they were just updated last year for the 2016 model year. But all of those outstanding upgrades and cosmetic enhancements are carried over to the new year, so it’s just as exciting as it was last year. With over 20 different models to choose from – offering different choices from trim level to color to engine type – your decision won’t be easy, but we’d be happy to help you find the right 2017 Honda Accord model for you.

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2017 Accord Hybrid Release Date

Of course, there will be one more option available soon enough. We recently got word that the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid has begun shipping across Canada, so we imagine it’s only a matter of days until the significantly-enhanced new Accord Hybrid makes its way here to Wheaton Honda. So if neither the Accord Sedan or Accord Coupe are the right models for you, don’t be afraid to wait and take the 2017 Accord Hybrid for a spin when it arrives. You can schedule a test drive right here on our website if you’re interested, or by giving us a call at the sales desk.

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