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When will the 5th & Final Honda Civic Model be Available?

When will the 5th & Final Honda Civic Model be Available?

2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe & Sedan Canadian Release Date

Last week the 2016 LA Auto Show kicked off, and we got our first glance at a prototype for the last tenth-generation Honda Civic model. As we mentioned when we covered the unveiling, it turns out it’s actually going to be two models, bringing the lineup to a total of 6, but Honda is just referring to both the Si Coupe & Si Sedan as the 2017 Honda Civic Si instead of designating them as two separate models. But what we’re sure you’re really interested in, is when the new model will be released here in Canada. Unfortunately, it’s too early to have an exact date, but we imagine it will be available in either the first or, more likely, second quarter of next year.

“With the new Honda Civic Si, we’re injecting even more sporty goodness into our 10th-generation Civic lineup. This will be, hands down, the fastest, best-handling Si we’ve ever offered to our customers.”

- Jeff Conrad, Senior Vice President & General Manager, American Honda

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Preliminary Performance Specs & Features

Last week we gave you some insight into the design cues that we got a look at when Honda unveiled the new 2017 Honda Civic Si. But in addition to giving us a look at the new model, we also got some early details on what we can expect in terms of performance specs & features. So, we know that both the new Civic Si Coupe & Sedan models will be powered by a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. We don’t know power specs quite yet, but we can imagine it will be quite powerful. Especially considering Honda referred to it as a “high-performance, high-torque engine.”

We know the engine will feature direct injection and dual-variable cam timing, and that it will be tethered to a short-shifting 6-speed manual transmission. We also know it will receive other performance features like an active dampening system, an active steering system, a limited-slip differential, and high-performance Y-speed tires.

We’ll be sure to keep you filled in as more details and information become available, including of course an exact release date – on both of the Si models as well as the Civic Type R.

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