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Final 10th-Generation Honda Civic Makes its Debut

Final 10th-Generation Honda Civic Makes its Debut

2017 Honda Civic Si North American Debut

The time has finally come for us to meet the fifth and final member of the tenth-generation Honda Civic lineup. Earlier this month we saw the North American debut of the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Prototype, and now this week Honda introduced a prototype for the 2017 Honda Civic Si. While Honda is only calling if the fifth model on the lineup, technically it’s the fifth and sixth. We weren’t sure if the Si would be a coupe or a sedan, as they were only referring to it as one model, but it turns out they are making both a Civic Si Sedan and Civic Si Coupe, thankfully!

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“With the new Honda Civic Si, we’re injecting even more sporty goodness into our 10th-generation Civic lineup. This will be, hands down, the fastest, best-handling Si we’ve ever offered to our customers.”

- Jeff Conrad, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Honda

First Look at the Civic Si Prototype

Some of the highlights about the Civic Si Prototype that we discovered at its unveiling, aside from the fact that there will be both a Coupe and Sedan, is that the new 2017 Si will be the fastest and most powerful Si model ever created. It will feature active steering and suspension, a limited-slip differential and will be shipped with standard, high-performance tires. Plus, both the Si Sedan and Si Coupe will be equipped with a short-shifting, 6-speed manual transmission.

The prototype in particular is a version that should reflect the 2017 Civic Si Coupe, featuring the Rallye Red Pearl exterior paint, a Factory Performance aero kit which features rear splitters and a spoiler, a center-mounted polygonal exhaust finisher, and 19” forged aluminum alloy wheels with Y-speed performance tires – the fastest tires available, capable of hitting speeds of up to 300 km/h.

[wrc_column grid="3" width="1" type="start"]2017-honda-civic-si-prototype-exterior-front-profile_o[/wrc_column][wrc_column grid="3" width="1"]2017-honda-civic-si-prototype-interior-cabin_o[/wrc_column][wrc_column grid="3" width="1" type="end"]2017-honda-civic-si-prototype-exterior-rear-profile_o[/wrc_column]

As more information becomes available about the 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe and Si Sedan, we’ll be sure to fill you in right here on our blog, so continue to return!

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