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2017 Honda Fit vs. 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback


2017 Honda Fit vs. 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

Can’t decide whether to go with a Honda Fit or a Civic Hatchback in 2017? Look no further than this comparison of two of Honda’s best offers this year.

The 2017 Honda Fit and the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback are relatively similar vehicles outside of their physical appearances and price. While the Fit has more of a traditional hatchback type of appearance, the actual Civic Hatchback looks much more like a typical 4-door sedan in terms of body type. The Fit is also a less expensive vehicle than the Civic Hatchback.

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The Civic Hatchback is slightly larger and has more horsepower and torque as well as a larger fuel tank, while the Fit has a larger luggage volume and more interior cargo room with the seats folded down.

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In terms of fuel economy*, both cars are almost identical as the Fit gets one more combined mile per gallon (36) than the Civic Hatchback (35). The highway MPGs of both vehicles are identical, while the Fit gets 33 MPG in the city as opposed to the Civic Hatchback’s 31*.

In the gizmos and gadgets department, both cars have their positives. A CD player and MP3 capability is not available in the least expensive version of the Civic Hatchback, but the Fit does not have the voice recognition capability that the Civic Hatchback does.

2017 Fit vs. Civic Hatchback Safety Comparison

In terms of safety, both cars have front driver’s side and passenger’s side airbags, seat-mounted driver’s side and passenger’s side airbags in the side, and both also have side-curtain airbags in the first and second rows. The Civic Hatchback also got 5-star crash test ratings from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, while the 2017 Fit has yet to be tested.


The 2017 Honda Fit is a less expensive option for buyers and has more cargo room, while the Civic Hatchback offers more horsepower and torque and nearly the same gas mileage.


Both the 2017 Honda Fit and Civic Hatchback are good, economical choices for Honda buyers this year. For those looking to spend a little less and travel a little more, the Fit may be the better option. For those looking for a bigger, more powerful car, the Civic Hatchback should be the choice. Either way, two of Honda’s best available in 2017 would be solid decisions.


*Based on 2017 EPA mileage estimates, reflecting new EPA fuel economy methods beginning with 2017 models. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2017. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

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