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2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe vs 2019 Subaru BRZ

2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe Exterior Driver Side Front Profile vs 2019 Subaru BRZ Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe vs 2019 Subaru BRZ

Segments on the automotive don’t necessarily last forever. For instance, when’s the last time you saw a station wagon? However, there are some segments that fall out of the limelight but have a few dedicated makes and models that keep the segment alive. That’s the only reason we still have minivans on the market today, and the same might be said for coupes. The number of 2-door coupe models on the market has never been huge, but there certainly used to be more than there are now. That said, there are still a handful of competitors for the sport-injected version of the Civic Coupe, and we thought we’d see how the fare against one another. That said, let’s compare the 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe vs 2019 Subaru BRZ.

2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe Vs 2019 Subaru BRZ
205 HP Horsepower 205 HP
7.4 l/100km Combined Fuel Efficiency 9.8 l/100km
11.9 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 6.9 cu. ft.
5 Seating Capacity 4

Advantages of the 2019 Civic Si Coupe2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe Interior Cabin Front & Rear Passenger Seats

Taking a look at the table above, you can see some of the pertinent specifications to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. These are the things that matter, depending on your needs and desires. The first row, which highlights horsepower, makes this comparison look like it might be a toss-up, as both coupes generate the same 205 horsepower. However, glancing through the rest of the table should quickly tell you that’s not the case.

The second row highlights combined fuel efficiency, an area in which the Civic Si Coupe blows the BRZ out of the water by utilizing a full 2.4 litres less fuel per 100 kilometres driven through the city and on the highway alike. The third row shows that despite the small trunk found in the Civic Si Coupe, it still offers a massive 5 cubic feet more space than the BRZ. It even has an extra seat for you to fill with passengers if you need to pack the coupe full for a quick trip across town or what have you. If you’re interested in a 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe of your own, be sure to reach out at your earliest convenience!