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Where should I go for a run in Edmonton?

Where should I go for a run in Edmonton?

3 Best Running Routes in Edmonton AB

Now that things are starting to heat up around town, it might be time to start getting physically ready for the summer. We’ve decided to make a quick little list for you those of you who are, or if you’re already in shape and just ready to get out of the gym, by compiling the 3 best running routes in Edmonton AB. We recommend checking out if you like to switch up your scenery every time, as they’ve got a much longer list than we’ll provide here.

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38 Ave NW

We thought we’d start with the shortest run, a straight shot covering 2.16 kilometres. From the start of the course to the end, the largest elevation gain you’ll see cover 25 ft. Starting at the bus stop where 38 Ave Nw meets 62 St. NW, start your run heading East. The route goes into the switch from 38 Ave to Millwoods Rd E NW, so keep going once that change happens and don’t stop until you get a little past Ridgewood Baptist Church.

150 NW & 154 NW

The second route is a little more involved, as it covers nearly 4.5 kilometres. The nice bonus for this route, and the next, is that it ends where you started so you won’t have to worry about taking a bus or anything. After starting at the intersection of 154 St. NW and 89 Ave NW, head north until you get to 94 Ave NW. Take a right, then a left on 153 NW. Follow that to Arthur Elliot Park and take a right on 97 NW. Then you’ll take a right on 150 NW and keep running until you hit the frontage road off 87. Follow that back to 154 where you’ll take a right, and soon end back at your starting point.

Dovercourt – 121 St. – Molsons

The last route is for the dedicated, as it’ll more than double the previous distance at just over 11 kilometres with a 35 ft. rise in elevation. Unlike the previous two trails, this one doesn’t follow any streets so it would be hard to give verbal directions. The maps below depict each route we’ve spoken about, and you can follow the last one to get the exact layout of this great route. Feel free to comment with your own routes, if you think you’ve found one better!

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