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What to Avoid When Buying a New Car

What to Avoid When Buying a New Car

3 Common Mistakes New Car Shoppers Make

So you think you’re ready to buy a new car. People have been doing it for decades, yet for some reason plenty of people out there keep making the same mistakes when entering into the process. We like to be transparent as a company, because we’re not trying to steal a deal or give you something you don’t want – in fact, we want you to find the perfect Honda vehicle to suit your needs. So we thought we’d bring these 3 common mistakes new car shoppers make when entering the car-buying process, in an effort to help you avoid them.

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Not Doing Research

Perhaps the most common mistake people make before buying a new car is not doing the necessary research beforehand. We have this website for a reason, and this isn’t your only online resource either! Browse around our model research pages and look through our blog, find the things that you really want in a car and then decide on a vehicle. You shouldn’t come into the showroom without some idea of what you want – and we mean a specific idea, not “I want something red.”

Focusing on Monthly Payment

Another common mistake car buyers make is focusing on the monthly payment, rather than the grand scheme of things. It is important to make sure your monthly payment is within your budget, but sometimes getting a payment down that low can extend your loan term and make you end up overpaying for the vehicle. You don’t want that, and we don’t want you to go through that. So think about all financial aspects when doing your research, rather than just the monthly payment.

Skipping Test Drive

Finally, a dire mistake we’ve seen many times before is people not taking a car for a test drive. Even if you did a ton of research and think the 2016 Honda CR-V is the perfect vehicle for you, after you sign on the dotted line and get it off the lot you might realize you don’t like the way it feels at all. It’s important to try out every possible aspect of a vehicle before making the purchase, so schedule a test drive here on our website and we’ll get you in to take one for a spin.

Schedule a Test Drive Today

Hopefully this helps you out with the car-buying process, and saves you from making some of the same mistakes people have been making for years. Be sure to give us a call when you’re ready to find your dream car!

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