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Where should you take your dog to roam free?

Where should you take your dog to roam free?

Best Off-leash Dog Parks Edmonton AB

The end of summer may be fast approaching, but there is still plenty of time to get out in the sun with your favorite companion. If you’ve got a dog, taking it for walks on a leash can sometimes get to be too much, or too restricting. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best off-leash dog parks in Edmonton AB, so that you can get him off that leash and let him run free for a bit of fun away from home.

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Of course before taking your dog to an area like this, you must have it licensed and vaccinated, and make sure that your dog will always obey your vocal demands without hesitation. If all of these things are good to go, then grab your pooper scooper and get on your way!

Hermitage Park

Hermitage Park is a huge, picturesque park with great scenery and a fairly large off-leash area. Hermitage is often filled with people thanks to its multitude of activities, so you’ll definitely want to make sure that your dog is well-trained. And be warned, there are often plenty of geese at the park, so if your dog is prone to chasing live animals, this might not be the best park to take it. This park is located at 2115 Hermitate Road NW.

Jackie Parker Park

Located at 4540 50 Street NW, Jackie Parker Park is without a doubt one of the favorites among dog park goers in the area. While it is a massive family park with tons of different things to do, the paths and open spaces dedicated to off-leash dogs is a great, fun place for your dog to roam unrestricted.

Terwillegar Park

Whereas the other two parks or more dedicated to family fun with the additional excitement of an off-leash dog park on site, Terwillegar Park is dedicated things like hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, running and, of course, walking your dogs. With a massive off-leash area nearing 5 kilometres all the way around, this is definitely one of the best places to bring your favorite companion – or all of them, if you’ve got more than one.

We hope that you and your dog, or dogs, have a great rest of your summer after hearing about these fantastic dog parks. Most of them are still open in the winter as well, so if you and your friends are willing enough to brave the cold, you don’t necessarily have to stop at the end of summer.

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