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Enjoy Edmonton's beautiful trail system this summer


Enjoy Edmonton's beautiful trail system this summer

Best Running Trails Edmonton AB

Outdoor running is mostly a spring and summer sport in Edmonton, so it's important you scratch that outdoor running itch while you can. While jogging on sidewalks and along country roads is fine, there is nothing quite like heading out onto one of Edmonton's many beautiful running trails. The peace of mind and fresh air you feel while trail running is unmatched, so if you're looking to put some miles on this summer, here are some of the best running trails near Edmonton AB.

Riverside Walk at Hawrelak Park

This 5.2 km trail is perfect for a quick run or a walk with your dog. The trail takes you around the entire river bend, which starts in Hawrelak Park. There is parking by picnic site #2, which will give you access to the river valley trial system in a number directions. Start with this trail and try others as you see fit.

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Fort Edmonton Park near John Janzen Nature Center

Hop on the trail through Fort Edmonton Park and run alongside the John Janzen Nature center up toward the Quesnell Bridge. You'll enjoy some great scenery and you can continue your run along the Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton Trail System

Mill Creek Ravine Park

Enter the paved trail at the west entrance of the Mill Creek Ravine Park and follow it up toward the Nellie McCluung Park. The Mill Creek Ravine Park is long and narrow, so your entire run will keep you within the limits of the park.

Buena Vista Park - Non-paved trail

Enter the non-paved Beuna Vista trail on the Melton Ravine and head down near the river, where you'll find a few places to park, a few rest stops, and eventually, the Valley Zoo in Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park.

Many of Edmonton's trails are connected, so when you're trying to get around without your Honda, check out some of the beautifully designed and well-kept running trails in Edmonton AB. You might be surprised how far you can travel without ever leaving the trail system.

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