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What you need to know about Edmonton's Seasonal Parking Ban


What you need to know about Edmonton's Seasonal Parking Ban

Edmonton instituted its first parking ban of 2015 this past weekend. According to the Edmonton Sun, there were unfortunately a lot of drivers who didn’t adhere to the seasonal parking ban, making snow removal more difficult and time consuming, not to mention less effective. Drivers who didn't move their cars may have been towed, which causes headaches for all parties involved. While Edmonton’s seasonal parking bans aren’t in place that often, it’s important you take note of them to allow for the full snow removal and, more importantly for you, to keep your car from being towed.

When Do Edmonton Parking Bans Begin?

When Edmonton institutes a seasonal parking ban, the city will provide a minimum of eight hours notice before the ban begins. There are a number of ways to find out about when Edmonton Seasonal Parking bans are in place, including:

  • Public news conference
  • Public service announcement
  • City of Edmonton’s Transportation web pages
  • Email notifications
  • Digital messaging boards deployed throughout the city
  • Electronic messaging on the front of Edmonton Transit buses
  • Postings on Twitter and Facebook

To be sure you get this information, we recommend following the city on Twitter and Facebook and signing up for the email notifications so you can be alerted through your smartphone when a seasonal parking ban is in place.

When Do Edmonton Seasonal Parking Bans End?

Edmonton Seasonal Parking Bans when the city makes an announcement through many of the same channels listed above. Parking is not permitted in designated areas until the announcement is made.

Getting your vehicle towed is not a fun experience, so be sure to check the media for announcements regarding a seasonal snow ban when blizzards are expected.

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