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Edmonton's pothole repair crews hard at work in early 2015


Edmonton's pothole repair crews hard at work in early 2015

Potholes are not only inconvenient and bothersome during your daily drives, they also can cause harm to your car’s tires or suspension if they are are severe enough. For Edmonton drivers, potholes in the springtime are a familiar problem, but due to more unseasonably warm weather early in 2015, there has been frequent freezing and thawing, which has created more potholes than we are used to this time of year.

The city of Edmonton does a great job of filling in potholes every spring to keep the roads smooth and operable, but this year’s surprising and erratic weather has forced those crews out earlier than usual. When the weather allows, pothole crews are out in full force to maintain the roads. In fact, through January of 2015, Edmonton’s pothole crews filled in nearly 18,000 potholes around the city, which is a dramatic increase from the 6,750 that were filled in January 2014.

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Just two years ago, Edmonton fixed 750,000 potholes, and while the city isn’t sure how many to expect in 2015, the early rates point to another high number.

While the unseasonable warmth has been partly to blame for the potholes, it also has given the city an opportunity to send crews out to the fill them quickly to keep the roads safe. When repairing potholes, the city prefers to use a more permanent solution by using a hot mix, but occasionally, cold mixes will be used to quickly patch problem areas.

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For the time being, pothole crews can only get out when the weather allows, but when temperatures remain more consistently above freezing, you can expect potholes to be repaired quickly and effectively.

Report Potholes in Edmonton

While the city does its best to get all potholes repaired quickly, you can help by reporting potholes through Edmonton’s website, the Edmonton 311 hotline, or the Edmonton 311 app. Upon you request, the Edmonton Roadway Maintenance team will send a team out to inspect the pothole and schedule a time to repair it.

While potholes frequently sneak up on you when you're driving, it's important you do your best to use caution when approaching problem areas to prevent damage to your vehicle.

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