Platinum Protection Packages in Edmonton, AB

Protect your Honda with Platinum Protection

Windshield Protection and More!

At Wheaton Honda in Edmonton, Alberta, we offer a number of Platinum Shield Protection Packages for your vehicle to give you peace-of-mind. Our windshield protection package uses a durable protection film to maintain visibility and improve safety while driving, and our car paint protection keeps your Honda looking like new.


Platinum Shield Protection

Platinum Shield works to protect your vehicle from harsh summer and winter weather conditions, including potential damage from UV rays and heat in the summer in addition to cold, snow or ice in the winter, as well as corrosion caused by road salt. The Platinum Shield program includes interior protection with fabric guard for leather and vinyl, rust protection and undercoating, paint protection film, as well as windshield protection.

  • Fabric Protection repels stains and odours with guaranteed protection against stains due to spills.
  • Leather/Vinyl Protection keeps your leather or vinyl supple and prevents damage or fading from UV rays.
  • Paint Protection is a long-lasting sealant that is applied on top of your clear coat, eliminating the need to wax your car and preventing oxidation and fading.
  • Rust Protection Rust Inhibitor is a synthetic water-repelling spray that sticks to metal and prevents rust from forming. A Corrosion Control Module can also be added to further reduce the chance of rust and metal oxidation.
  • Undercoat protection acts to seal out moisture and insulates your metal against extreme temperature variations while giving you a quieter ride.


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Platinum Tire & Rim Protection

Wheaton Honda’s Platinum Rim and Tire Protection Plan covers all costs (including tax) related to flat tire repair and replacement as well as mounting, balancing and installation.

Honda Platinum Rim and Tire Protection Coverage includes:

  • Tire repair
  • Tire replacement if necessary
  • Damaged rim replacement
  • All costs including taxes and levies
  • Mounting, balancing and installation
  • Tire and rim protection includes coverage for original or replacement tires, and coverage is transferrable if you decide to sell your vehicle. The program also includes towing assistance if you get a flat on the road.


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Honda Platinum Security Protection

The odds of having your car stolen in Canada are approximately one in 99. Protect your vehicle from thieves with Wheaton Honda’s Platinum Security Protection plan. Protection includes a permanent police-traceable identification code, visible warning decals and theft recovery services.

Honda Platinum Security Protection includes three elements:

1. Police Tracking Code
An identification code is permanently etched (Glass or Body Panel Etching) into select parts of your vehicle that can be identified by police. The ID is registered in a national database that can be cross-referenced with your vehicle’s VIN to locate you, the owner, and identify Wheaton Honda in Edmonton as the dealership the car originated from.

2. Theft Deterrent Decal
Warning decals placed on the driver and front passenger windows warn thieves that your vehicle is protected. Professional thieves recognize the challenge and cost of stealing a police-traceable vehicle and will likely move on to a vehicle that is easier and more profitable to steal.

3. Vehicle Recovery
Platinum Security Protection aids in recovering a stolen vehicle and helps to cover related expenses in the recovery process.


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