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What will I be able to add onto my next-generation Honda Ridgeline?

What will I be able to add onto my next-generation Honda Ridgeline?

Genuine Honda Accessories for the 2017 Ridgeline

While we finally got a good look at the all-new, next-generation 2017 Honda Ridgeline when it was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, the reveal left much to be desired in terms of specs and features. Honda did give us quite a bit of information about the new features found in the bed of the truck, among other things, but we’re still quite a bit in the dark. We had hoped to get a better understanding of the truck in its entirety at the Chicago Auto Show, and while we didn’t get much new information about the truck itself, we did get a first look at the available Genuine Honda Accessories for the 2017 Ridgeline.

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The subject of most of the brand’s press conference, these brand-new Genuine Honda Accessories will also be present at the brand’s booth throughout the Auto Show, very near a 2017 Honda Ridgeline display. We thought we’d take a closer look at each of the accessories, telling you what each is rather than just showing you a picture of what they each are.

What accessories are available on the 2017 Honda Ridgeline?

Genuine Honda Accessories Left SideWe will start with the left side of the image above, which you can see a bit closer here. For starters, the thing at the top that looks kind of like a football player’s facemask is actually a truck-bed extender. If you need a little extra space in your bed, perhaps for carrying around a motorcycle, you can drop the tailgate and hook this thing up to extend the length of the bed while keeping everything safe.

Below that are examples of the illuminated door sill trim, which is what acts kind of like a step into your vehicle. The large rectangular piece beneath that is a cargo mat that you can put on the inside of the in-bed trunk to give your extra cargo hold a softer, better-gripped surface. On either side of the mat are the front splash guards, and below those are fairly obvious: the 18”machine finish alloy wheels and high wall all-season floor mats

Genuine Honda Accessories Right SideIf we move onto the right side of the image, you’ll see a lot of bars. The top is an example of cross bars, which connect across either roof rack to give you another versatile place to hold cargo. Of course, beneath the cross bar are examples of said roof rails. The first is what the silver rails look like, the second being the all black.

Then below that you have a hood air deflector, which increases the aerodynamics of the vehicle, with examples of the fog light kit on either side. Lastly, at the bottom of this image is an example of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline’s front skid plate. But there is one other accessory that we couldn’t manage to fit into the image: lighted running boards. You can somewhat make them out in the top image.

We assume that these new accessories will become available roughly around the same time that the truck is released, but we can’t know for sure yet. Until then, feel free to give us a call with any questions about the all-new truck or this multitude of accessories that we cannot wait to get a closer look at.

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