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Honda Canada Recall - 2001-2003 Civic, 2002-2003 CRV & 2002 Odyssey


Honda Canada Recall - 2001-2003 Civic, 2002-2003 CRV & 2002 Odyssey

As you may have seen in the news today, Honda Canada will be recalling approximately 107,000 vehicles due to an airbag problem on the passenger side of the vehicle. While Honda Canada has not yet released an official statement with details regarding recall dates on their website, there have been statements made to the media. Edit: Honda Canada Press release is included below!

For an airbag to deploy, a pressurized canister is used as a propellant, and those gasses fill up the airbag that will protect the passenger in a crash. They are designed to burn at a specifically controlled rate (which can be as little as a fraction of a second). Chris Martin, a Honda Motor Company spokesperson, explained that, "if the propellant burns too quickly, the little holes in the canister are not enough to release all that pressure, and the canister can break apart."

Akemi Ando, another Honda Canada spokesperson, explained that this problem came about by human error during production. "A worker forgot to turn on the switch for a system weeding out defective products, and parts were improperly stored, which exposed them to humidity."

Martin has also mentioned that Honda is aware of one instance where the airbag deployed with too much pressure while in a crash, but that there have been no injuries or deaths related to this issue. This issue does not cause the airbags to deploy indavertently.

This recall will affect roughly 81,000 Honda Civics between the 2001-2003 model years, 6,140 CR-V vehicles from 2002-2003 and nearly 10,000 Odysseys from the 2002 model year.

Edit: Here is the press release from Honda Canada:

Statement by Honda Canada Regarding Passenger Airbag Recall: 2001-2003 Acura 1.7 EL and Honda Civic; 2002-2003 Honda CR-V; 2002 Honda Odyssey

MARKHAM, ON – Apr. 11, 2013 – Honda Canada will voluntarily recall approximately 11,043 Acura 1.7 EL vehicles and approximately 80,854 Honda Civic vehicles from the 2001-2003 model years and approximately 6,140 CR-V vehicles from the 2002-2003 model years and approximately 9,749 Odyssey vehicles from the 2002 model year in Canada to replace the passenger front airbag inflator. It is possible that the passenger front airbag inflators in affected vehicles may deploy with too much pressure, which may cause the inflator casing to rupture and could result in injury. Honda is aware of one crash in which a passenger front airbag deployed with too much pressure, causing the casing to rupture. Honda is not aware of any injuries or deaths related to this issue.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage owners of all affected vehicles to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda. Mailed notification to customers will begin in late May, 2013. In addition to contacting customers by mail, owners of these vehicles will be able to determine if their vehicles require repair by calling (888) 9HONDA9 for Honda owners or (888) 9ACURA9 for Acura owners or, starting on April 12, by going on-line to and

Here at Wheaton Honda, we are encouraging our customers to contact us at their earliest convenience so that we can ensure that their vehicle is operating as safely as possible!

Source: Honda Canada News

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