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Wheaton Honda team attends SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas

Wheaton Honda team attends SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas

Honda Concepts SEMA Auto Show 2014

The innovation and creativity on display at the SEMA Auto show is enough to get anyone excited about the future of the automotive industry. While we have the opportunity to see all the new features Honda brings to the table each year in its production models, the automaker's concept cars on an entirely different level. So we headed to the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas this year to get an up-close and personal look at Honda Concepts from the 2014 SEMA Auto Show. Continue reading to see some of the coolest Honda vehicles from the most radical auto show of the year.

Honda Fit Concepts

Nine 2015 Honda Fit Concepts were at the heart of Honda’s display at the 2014 SEMA Auto Show. The designs were so impressive that the Honda Fit earned title of “Hottest Sport Compact” at this year’s show. While each of the Honda Fit Concepts were impressive, the Tijn Edition was voted as the fan favorite. Take a look at the Honda Fit Concepts from the 2014 SEMA Auto Show below.


Honda Fit Concept SEMA 2014

Yellow Honda Fit Concept SEMA Auto Show 2014

2015 Honda Fit SEMA Concept

SEMA Honda Fit Concept Black Yellow Rims


Blue Honda Fit Concept Performance SEMA

Honda Fit SEMA Performance Concept

Honda SEMA Auto Show display


Our favourite part of the Fit exhibit was getting the opportunity to meet Kenny Vinces, who was one of the builders for a Fit Concept car. As we were taking the picture to post on our Twitter account, he asked us what we were tweeting about and introduced himself. He was extremely friendly and down-to-earth, took a picture with us, and explained how he was able to get involved and was one of the lucky six that Honda picked to be a part of SEMA.

Melina Beeston, Wheaton Honda's Internet Marketing Manager, and builder Kenny Vinces with his Project Fit.

Honda HPD CR-Z

Honda CR-Z Concept SEMA 2014
The Honda HPD CR-Z with a supercharger also made its debut at the SEMA Auto Show. Rated for 187 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque, the upgraded HPD CR-Z adds new levels of performance to the popular hybrid sports car.

While the 2015 Honda Fit was the center of attention at the SEMA Auto Show, Honda also showcased its accessories with a model that showed off all its deal-installed parts.

Attending the SEMA Auto Show was a great experience and one we won’t forget soon. Of course, you can have your Honda Fit customized at Wheaton Honda, so stop by the lot or give us a call to discuss your options.

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