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Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Part 4: Gauges

Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Part 4: Gauges

Over the past several days we have been diving into detail about each and every one of the little icons you might see lit up in your instrument panel on Honda vehicles, to make sure you know what each represents and what they’re trying to tell you. In part one we looked at Malfunction Indicators, and Condition Indicators in part two, then on Monday we looked On/Off Indicators in part three. Those first three parts cover all of the actual Honda dashboard warning lights, but there is still one more part of the instrument panel we thought we’d explain so you have a better understanding: the gauges.

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With the advancement of technology plus the introduction of new and different styles and designs, the instrument panel in your new Honda vehicle might look a bit different than what you’re used to, especially as more and more becomes digital. That’s why we thought we’d explain each of the gauges on your instrument so that you know exactly what they are.

2016 Honda Dashboard Instrument Panel Gauge Cluster_o

Fuel Gauge

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as while it may look different than the fuel gauge you’re used to, it is still just a visual representation of how much fuel you have in your tank.

Instant Fuel Economy Gauge

This gauge gives you an instant readout of your current miles per gallon. It looks at things like speed, stopping and starting among other driving habits to tell you exactly how much fuel you’re consuming.


This one, too, is fairly self-explanatory. As an addition to the generic speedometer you’re used to seeing, this digital speedometer is located at the top of the panel to show you your exact speed.

Ambient Meter

The Ambient Meter are two color-coded bars on either side of the digital speedometer. They change colors depending on how you’re driving. Green means fuel efficient driving, blue-green means moderate acceleration and deceleration, and blue means aggressive acceleration and deceleration.

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