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Will there continue to be a Honda CR-Z?

Will there continue to be a Honda CR-Z?

Honda Discontinued the 2016 CR-Z

Several months ago, Honda announced the all-new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. On top of being more stylish, efficient and powerful than ever before, it also did a much better job at delivering on the promises Honda made in regards to their sport-hybrid coupe, which was supposed to be a spiritual successor to the popular CRX. Now that the Accord Hybrid has released to a great response, the CR-Z’s ongoing struggle no longer has much of a point. And So, Honda discontinued the 2016 CR-Z.

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“The biggest problem with the CR-Z was it was touted as a fun-to-drive hybrid – and those things are generally ta the opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s like low-calorie ice cream – it just doesn’t deliver what people expect.”


- Michael Harley, Analyst, Kelley Blue Book

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Glance at the Final 2016 Honda CR-Z

While the Honda CR-Z never quite found its footing or lived up to its original hype, we thought it was a fun-to-drive hybrid vehicle. While the quote above might state that isn’t generally what people want, we believe it did deliver on what it was supposed to be at least a little bit. If it had been a bit more powerful and used a bit less fuel, it certainly would’ve found a better footing in the market.

If you, like us, were a fan of the sport hybrid coupe, then be sure to get your hands on one now as they will not be making any more come the end of the year. The 2016 model year will be the last for the 2016 Honda CR-Z, so if you like its 2-door subcompact nature and can live with its power to fuel economy ratio, make sure to schedule a test drive right away. We can’t wait to see Honda’s hybrid lineup expand, especially after the loss of the CR-Z, and it all start with the new Accord Hybrid.

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