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What is Honda and General Motors working on together?

What is Honda and General Motors working on together?

Last week, Honda’s Toshiaki Mikoshiba and General Motors’ Mark Reuss joined forces to make an announcement… that the two automotive manufacturers had been working on something together for the past couple of years. Enter: the next generation Fuel Cell System from both Honda and GM. We are happy to see two industry leaders being able to work together so closely for the advancement of the industry as a whole.

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“Over the past three years, engineers from Honda and GM have been working as one team with each company providing know-how from its unique expertise to create a compact and low-cost next-gen fuel cell system. This foundation of outstanding teamwork will now take us to the stage of joint mass production of a fuel cell system that will help each company create new value for our customers in fuel cell vehicles of the future.”

- Toshiaki Mikoshiba, Chief Operating Officer, North American Region of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

What is Fuel Cell System Manufacturing?

Next Generation Fuel Cell Stack from Honda and General Motors_oFuel Cell System Manufacturing, or FCSM for short, is the name of the joint venture being operated by three different higher-ups from both Honda and General Motors. On top of that board of directors, there will be a rotating president between each company to proceed over everything. With well over 2,000 patents in regards to fuel cell technology between them, these two companies are ready to join forces and take the fuel cell field by storm.

We don’t have an exact timeline or even any specifics regarding what the joint operation will produce physically, but for now we know that FCSM is working towards goals like enhancing the fuel cell system’s performance, reduce the cost of development and manufacturing, and of course to advance the infrastructure of refueling stations across North America. As more information about this joint venture becomes available, we’ll be sure to fill you in.

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