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Honda Model Research

Accord Hybrid

For those drivers that are interested in what the Honda Accord offers, but would like the benefit of a hybrid drivetrain, the Honda Accord Hybrid is the perfect vehicle – with plenty of power and efficiency blended together.

2019 Accord Hybrid

2018 Accord Hybrid

Accord Sedan

For three decades, the Honda Accord has been a staple of the midsize car segment. With constant innovation and engineering tweaks, Honda has worked to ensure the Accord stands out in the ever-competitive mid-size class.

2019 Accord Sedan

2018 Accord Sedan
2.0T Model

Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic has been one of the best-selling cars in Canada for years, and one thing that might’ve helped it earn that title is how many trim levels it has to offer, of which the 2-door Coupe is likely the 2nd most popular.

2019 Civic Coupe

2018 Civic Coupe

Civic Hatchback

The Civic Hatchback is probably one step down from that, offering everything drivers and enthusiasts have come to expect from a Honda Civic model with the added bonus of a bunch more cargo space in back.

2019 Civic Hatchback
vs Mazda3

2018 Civic Hatchback

Civic Sedan

As the best-selling car in Canada, the Honda Civic has proven itself time and time again as an elite option in the compact class by providing performance and fuel-economy that rival any car on the road.

2019 Civic Sedan
vs Toyota Corolla

2018 Civic Sedan

Civic Si Coupe

For sportier drivers, the Civic Si Coupe has been the ultimate option from the Civic family. The Civic Si Coupe offers everything drivers expect from a Civic, with a heavy dose of sport injection.

2019 Civic Si Coupe
vs Subaru BRZ

2018 Civic Si Coupe

Civic Si Sedan

Almost at the same level, the Civic Si Sedan offers an extremely sport-injected model for those drivers that need a bit more space on the interior, offering 2 extra doors for easier backseat access.

2019 Civic Si Sedan
vs Subaru WRX

2018 Civic Si Sedan

Civic Type R

The ultimate hot hatch and the sportiest Honda Civic ever made, the Civic Type R has finally come to North America, and we couldn’t be happier with its powertrain, aggressive aesthetic and more.

2019 Civic Type R
vs Subaru WRX STI

2018 Civic Type R

Honda CR-V

As crossovers rapidly gain popularity among new vehicle shoppers, the Honda CR-V remains a top-of-class option. Owners and critics alike continue to rave about the Honda CR-V.

2019 CR-V
vs Toyota RAV4

2018 CR-V

Honda Fit

As one of the most spacious subcompact cars ever built, the Honda Fit uses creative design and innovation to take advantage of every inch of space within the car. With outstanding efficiency and an upscale interior, it is a consistent leader in its segment.

2019 Fit
vs Kia Rio Hatchback

2018 Fit

Honda HR-V

The all-new Honda HR-V is poised to take the subcompact crossover segment by storm. The versatile and incredibly spacious CUV combines utility vehicle durability with sporty performance and modern styling.

2019 HR-V
vs Toyota C-HR

2018 HR-V

Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is an old hybrid sedan that was first introduced in 1999 before getting discontinued in 2006. It’s second run went from 2009 to 2014, but in 2018 it returned better than ever with higher style and improved efficiency.

2019 Insight
vs Toyota Prius

Honda Odyssey

As the ideal family vehicle, the Honda Odyssey has space for eight passengers and commodities to keep each and every person comfortable. With a cutting-edge design and the revolutionary HondaVac, the Odyssey has and will continue to change the minivan segment forever.

2019 Odyssey
vs Toyota Sienna

2018 Odyssey

Honda Pilot

As one of the few models from the large crossover segment that has maintained its tough, truck-like build, the Honda Pilot retains its strong towing and hauling capabilities while also offering strong efficiency ratings. Drivers looking for a versatile SUV capable of seating eight passengers need not look any further.

2019 Pilot
vs Subaru Ascent

2018 Pilot

Honda Ridgeline

With a unit-body construction and a dual-action tailgate, the Honda Ridgeline is one of the most cleverly designed pickup trucks available. As light- and heavy-duty trucks continue to grow, the Ridgeline is a great alternative with top-notch efficiency and drivability.

2019 Ridgeline
vs Toyota Tacoma

2018 Ridgeline