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Honda Protection Plans in Edmonton, AB

When you purchase a Honda vehicle you can be proud of owning one of the most reliable vehicles available. However, even with Honda’s renowned reliability the unexpected can happen. That’s why it makes sense to protect your vehicle with insurance to avoid unexpected auto repair expenses.

Honda vehicle protection plans keep you covered with mechanical breakdown protection, emergency roadside assistance, rental vehicles and hotel coverage if your car ever breaks down.

Wheaton Honda works with First Canadian Protection Plans (FCPP) to give you peace of mind with a variety of plans that include mechanical breakdown protection with additional coverage available for powertrain, transmission, brakes and electrical.

Read below for additional information on our vehicle insurance and protection plans, or contact us for details.

Canada & US Coverage

Your vehicle is completely covered across Canada and anywhere in the continental United States.

Direct Response Repairs

There’s no waiting around to be reimbursed for repair expenses. Repair costs are paid directly to the repair facility of your choice on authorized services, saving you hassle and money.

Transferable Coverage

If you choose to sell your vehicle, coverage is automatically transferred to the new owner for the remainder of your contract.

Low Deductible

You have the choice between $100 or $200 deductible per repair visit (plus taxes) on all covered repairs. If a component fails a second time, no deductible will be charged for its subsequent repair and replacement.

Reduce your Deductible

It pays to have your vehicle serviced here. If you choose to have your repairs completed at Wheaton Honda, we will reduce your selected deductible by $50.

Optional Coverage Available

If you selected the Guarantee Price Rebate (GPR) option for a slight additional fee on eligible plans, or selected a plan with an Experience Based Refund (EBR) you can apply for a cash rebate once your plan has expired by time. Refunds are based on the amount you paid originally, up to a maximum claim amount of $2,000. Criteria for GPR/EBR Claims include:

  • The Original Plan Holder must still be the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • No mechanical or benefit claims were made during the contract term.
  • The GPR/EBR Claim must be received within the allotted time.
  • Deductible applies to the maximum claim amount.

Credit Insurance

Wheaton Honda partners with First Canadian Insurance Corporation to offer Life and Disability Insurance to customers. These insurance options protect you and your family in case of unexpected circumstances that would prevent you from being able to make payments on your vehicle.

Life Insurance

Life insurance by First Canadian protects your family from the financial risks of an untimely death. If you should die before your vehicle is fully paid off, remaining costs will be fully covered and your family will be spared the expense of paying off your car loan.

Coverage spans the entire length of your loan term, or a shorter period if you choose short-term benefits. A few simple health questions may be necessary, however a physical exam is not required to qualify.

Disability Insurance

If your ability to earn an income is interrupted, disability insurance will cover your vehicle payments for an extended period of disability. If you become sick or injured (on or off the job), First Canadian will cover your monthly obligation, subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Benefits remain for as long as you remain disabled as defined by the policy and you may make a claim as many times as necessary during your coverage term. Disability Insurance protects you for the entire term of your loan, or a shorter period if you choose short-term benefits. Partial payment disability benefits are also available to help you choose coverage that matches your needs and your budget.