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Where can I get my Honda vehicle serviced?

Where can I get my Honda vehicle serviced?

Honda Service Specials Edmonton AB

When people think of getting their car ready for the season, they don’t always think summer. In fact, they are more likely to think winter. But it’s important to take care of your vehicle in all seasons. Honda cars hold their value for a long time if you take proper care of them. Let’s take a closer look at Honda Service Specials in Edmonton AB.

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Summertime Engine Care

The reason we have oil in our cars is to keep all the engine parts lubricated to reduce friction and overheating. During the summer we are more likely to go on long drives. It is also more likely to be warm. This combination of increased temperature and distances can be hard on the oil in your car. Why not start the season off on the right foot with an oil change? Wheaton Honda has two wonderful specials currently available. There is a Honda OW-20 full synthetic engine oil change, or if you’d like a more thorough preparation for summer, we have a peak performance multi-point check available.

Post Pothole Wheel Alignment

One thing winter can leave behind is potholes in the road. These can be disastrous for wheel alignment. To get the most out of your tires and to make sure they are wearing evenly, it’s important to have properly aligned wheels. Currently, we are running a special for wheel alignment. We do hope you’ll come in and see us.

Full Detailing

Spring is beautiful, but it can also be a muddy, pollen-filled season. While it’s nice to have a clean car any time of year, it’s especially nice at the beginning of summer. Let the beautiful summer sunshine stream in through your sparkling-clean windows. Clear your dashboard of dust. Detail all those nooks and crannies, ridding them of dust and allergens. Not only will the outside of your car sparkle, but we’ll also shampoo the rugs and seats. It will feel wonderful!

If it’s time for your Honda vehicle to be serviced, make sure to take advantage of all of our coupons and schedule an appointment today – right here on our website.

Wheaton Honda Body Shop Edmonton AB

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