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Is Honda working on Augmented Reality driving technology?

Is Honda working on Augmented Reality driving technology?

As virtual reality makes a comeback in the video game industry, with technology finally advancing far enough to be an affordable add-on to consoles like the PlayStation 4, Augmented Reality has stormed on the scene as well in a multitude of industries. Not only is it a major selling point for the hit mobile game Pokémon Go, but it might be making its way into automobiles as Honda is working on Augmented Reality driving technology.

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Internet sleuths have discovered two exciting patents that Honda has submitted, each of which lead us to believe we might one day feel a bit like Clark Kent behind the wheels of our vehicles. The patents have to do with an AR Heads-Up Display system that will work somewhat like x-ray vision, just like our pal Supes. Let’s take a look at how Honda explains each patent.

Patent 1

The first of the patents is basically taking pedestrian detection, which has already been rolled out in many brands across the market, a big step further. Right now, these technologies simply tell the vehicle to stop if a pedestrian walks out in front of their car. The Honda technology would instead be able to detect a host of pedestrians around the vehicle, and actually display each one’s location in the AR HUD. This will give drivers a better idea of where pedestrians are around them and how they might act, as the system would be able to detect people that might be out of the driver’s line of sight.

Patent 2

The second patent creates vehicle to vehicle communication, taking driver-assistive technologies like automatic braking to a whole new level, and putting control back in the drivers’ hands. Essentially, if every car was equipped with this V2V technology, the AR HUD would be able to display what a car two or three vehicles in front of you is doing, so that you can be even better prepared to stop or slow down.

While these patents and technologies are likely far off, we might eventually be able to see them and feel even safer behind the wheels of our cars. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for safety technology in our automobiles.

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