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How Do I Know Something Is Wrong With My Transmission?

How Do I Know Something Is Wrong With My Transmission?

driver shifting transmission in a car

Car troubles are never fun, but one vehicle issue that drivers fear more than others is a transmission problem. Since most cars on the road today have an automatic transmission rather than a manual, many drivers don’t even think about their transmission until they suspect there could be a problem. But, how do you know? 

In some cases, a simple dashboard warning light can help you know when something is wrong with your transmission, so check your vehicle owner’s manual so that you know what the transmission indicator light looks like in your car. Usually, you’ll be looking for a transmission temperature light, which may look like a thermometer within a gear. If you see it, this is a sure sign that you should have your vehicle looked at by a professional service technician as soon as you possibly can. 

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Common Signs That Your Transmission Needs to Be Repaired 

If you don’t get a warning light and still suspect something could be wrong with your car’s transmission, there are some other symptoms to watch out for. Some may be more serious than others, but they all indicate an issue that should be investigated further. These include the following: 

  • Pink or red fluid leaking out of your vehicle 
  • A burning smell 
  • Noisy sounds in neutral 
  • A jerk or shimmy when the car shifts 
  • Buzzing or whining sounds coming from the vehicle 
  • Difficulties shifting into park or drive 

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If you experience any of these issues with your vehicle, it’s definitely possible that the culprit is your transmission. Regardless, there are symptoms that you should get checked as soon as possible, as you don’t want issues like this left to fester. For any questions, contact us at Wheaton Honda. You can also schedule an appointment for service on our website. 

continuously variable transmission

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