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Learn how Edmonton works to keep your roads safe


Learn how Edmonton works to keep your roads safe

How Edmonton keeps roads safe in winter

Even with all-wheel drive and a vehicle capable of handling challenging road conditions, it would be incredibly difficult to drive in Edmonton without all the work the city does to ensure the roads are safe. Although Mother Nature can be relentless at times, Edmonton’s snow and ice control policy helps us reach our destinations safely. While we reap the benefits of that hard work, it’s easy to take our clear roads for granted. To give you an idea of all the processes in place that help you and your Honda arrive at your work, school or appointment safely, we highlighted some some of the city's most important winter safety programs.

Neighbourhood Blading

When snow falls, Edmonton’s city-wide neighbourhood blading program will clear the bulk of snow from your neighbourhood roads after the main roads have been plowed and considered safe. The city provides a handy blading schedule so you know what day the trucks will come through. Expect the trucks to be bladed to 5cm of snow, not to the road surface.

Road Plows

When 3cm or more of snow accumulates on the roads, Edmonton’s snow plows will be in action. If the forecast calls for more snow, the plows will stay out and attempt to keep the roads as clear as possible for your daily commutes.

Sanding & Salting

To help drivers gain traction on winter roads and to aid in melting, Edmonton uses a few abrasives on the road. Fortunately for us, Edmonton uses very little salt compared to most cities, making up only 12 to 18 percent of the materials used on the roads. The city maintains 130 sanding trucks and 20 sidewalk plows that are constantly available from October to April. And with one of the most successful and largest sand recycling programs, it is extremely cost effective.

Snow Fencing

To prevent drifting, Edmonton employs snow fencing in a number of areas to ensure piles of snow don’t blow across the road.

Snow Removal

Over the course of winter, snow continues to accumulate without a chance to melt. Edmonton clears snow from key areas like arterials roadways, bus routes, walkways, fire hydrants, etc. to help ensure everyone's safety.

While you can thank your Honda for its outstanding capabilities in winter driving conditions, you should also thank the hard-working city employees who put in long hours to ensure we have safe roads.

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