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"How many dog crates do you think it'd... 'Fit'?"

"How many dog crates do you think it'd... 'Fit'?"

This afternoon, we were asked a great question:

8-2-2013 3-20-25 PM



Well, let's find out! We went to Chris Huffman, our Business Development Manager, and Warren Cairns, our New Vehicle Sales Manager and busted out the measuring tape. This is what we learned:

The back hatch of the 2013 Fit is 31" tall and 38" wide, and with the back seats folded flat, there's 55" of length for cargo space.


Warren brought up an excellent feature of the 2013 Fit, which was that the back seats also fold up, leaving you two separated spaces for cargo:

This rear door is 41" tall and 19" wide, leaving 52" across the back for more cargo space.


We also measured the height of the ceiling (not shown), but it's 50" tall, which means that you could easily put a collapsible kennel through the door and then stand it up once inside for even more space.


Though we're sure that Rene probably has this info already, here's the standard measurement guide for pet crates:

8-2-2013 3-28-21 PM


So, it looks like we could even fit the XXX-Large kennel in the back of a 2013 Fit once. Hope that answers your questions, Rene!


UPDATE February 2014: We invited Rene and Kari to chat with us about their experiences with our store after our original Twitter conversation!


To take a look at our current new Fit inventory, click here. Have a great long weekend!

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